Redemption Song

Easy Shanking

I Shot the Sheriff

Stir it Up

By 1955, when he moved to Trenchtown, Bob Marley tuned into a mini-radio successes that came from New Orleans. At the time, the Cool Jazz prevailed in America and that it would be the chief representative of Reggae received good influences.

Mixing cultures of black communities, both the Jazz and Reggae had its origin in the social discourse and the questioning of reality, wishing freedom and peace.

After many years and many revolutions, with the same desires for change, Nathy Faria debut show created in partnership with the musicians Richard Neves, Fernando Delgado and Rafael Eloi. The Jazzy Marley proposes a journey through time and the Bob Marley songs, experimenting with sounds guided by keyboards, drums, bass and vocals. Their repertoire includes classics like “Woman No Cry,” “I Shot the Sheriff”, “Redemption Song,” among others, receive contemporary versions influenced by jazz and pop aspects.