De Longe


O Beijo

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The EP Nathy Faria points to new directions in the artist’s career, establishing dialogues with aspects such as Neo Soul, Trip Hop, R & B and Pop music. His references are Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Lianne La Havas, Kimbra, SIA, etc.

The work includes music production César Santos (Skank, Toninho Horta, Seu Jorge, Marku Ribas, Vander Lee, Marina Machado etc.) and partnership with the musician Fernando Delgado.

From a conceptual point of view, the EP reaffirms the artistic stance of the singer by putting the female figure as the center of his speech, covering topics such as empowerment and empowerment of women. In the first single, “Asas” Nathy Faria sings against prejudice and in favor of faith in himself, in a danceable rhythm and liberating. In “De Longe”, she draws an unsuccessful conquest game to address the duality of loneliness and self-realization. In the song “Beijo” plays with the situation where you do not want to get involved with someone, but was involved and “their eyes closed”.

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“The first Nathy Faria disc,” Saindo do Lugar “was produced by Lenis Rino over a year and released in November 2012. With an experimental climate, the 10 tracks on the disc bring influences of blackmusic and international pop, popping as a freshness in Brazilian music.

The artist appears as the author of 8 tracks and features music from composers Denis Duarte (Flurry) and Magno Mello (Ainda que o sol se levante). On the disk there is still interest from French Corsi-K in the “Deixa Dançar”.

The title track “Saindo do Lugar” participates in the collection Brazilian Bass Culture & Beyond and summarizes the essence of the disk that is search for new, drive and a free music labels. “